pátek 26. července 2013

Please help keep this blog alive!

Hi students of Czech language,

It's a big pleasure to write this blog, but I think that there are not so much people who read this.

If you wants to read some news and learn Czech, please write here in the comments, what do I write what you would like to learn or what kind of video I would make for you.

I have a feeling that I write just for myself, so write me your opinion.

Thanks in advance!
Děkuji předem!


středa 24. července 2013

Making plural in Czech language

Ahoj všichni!

Do you know how to make plural in Czech language? If not, you are in the right place! Plural is in Czech language much more complex than English. In English, you just need to put letter "s", but in Czech it is a bit complex.

Learning Czech plural is very important because you will need to use them every day and in every conversation.

As you know, cat is kočka. And two cats are dvě kočky. Now you can see that you just need to delete the last letter and put there "y". But what about house - houses / dům - domy?

Y (you put this just in feminine gender - cat is woman, goat is woman..)

Cats - Kočky
Women - Ženy
Goats - Kozy

I (you put this just in masculine gender - lion is man, dog is man, deer is man..)

Lions - Lvi
Dogs - Psi
Deers - Jeleni

É (you need to use é when you are talking about inhabitants from foreign country)

Friends - Přátelé
Organizers - Pořadatelé
Swedes - Švédové
Americans - Američané
Asians - Asiaté

Watch this picture that I've created for you:

neděle 21. července 2013

Learn Czech language - European Countries

Austria - Rakousko      
Belgium - Belgie
Bulgaria - Bulharsko
Croatia - Chorvatsko      
Cyprus - Kypr
Denmark - Dánsko  
Estonia - Estonsko
Finland - Finsko
France - Francie 
Germany - Německo 
Greece - Řecko
Hungary - Maďarsko
Ireland - Irsko
Italy - Itálie
Latvia - Lotyšsko
Lithuania - Litva
Luxembourg - Lucembursko
Netherlands - Holandsko
Poland - Polsko
Portugal - Portugalsko
Romania - Rumunsko
Slovakia - Slovensko
Spain - Španělsko
Sweden Švédsko
United Kingdom - Velká Británie

úterý 9. července 2013

Facts about czech names & surnames

It's interesting that the majority of female surnames mostly ends with -ová.

I mean, we do not have Mr. Jackson and Mrs. Jackson, but Mr. Jackson and Mrs. Jacksonová

Here is comparios of female and male surnames:



Another interesting fact is that the woman always gets after married surname from her husband. When she is previously named Marie Horáková and her husband Tomáš Novák, her name is Marie Nováková now.

A last point of interest is that if you are not married - wife's name is Nováková and her boyfriend is Horák, your child will always get surname after his/her father, not mother.

Czech words from other languages: Non-Czech words

Hello dear students of the Czech language,

I am bringing you another article with words that hasn't czech origin, but you can use them in Czech language..

Democracy - Demokracie
Archeology - Archeologie
Republic - Republika
Student - Student
Cycle - Cyklus

Musical terms (We don't translate them)


Sports terms (We also don't translate them)