sobota 3. srpna 2013

Learn Czech: How much does it cost?

Do you know, how to say "How much does it cost"? I can't sleep, because it's still so how at night (+31°C), so I made a short video for you. 

Literal translation of the sentence "How much does it cost?" is:

Jak moc to stojí?

But remember - never use this sentence, because it is not right. If you will say "jak moc to stojí", people will understand you, but do not know, what you mean in fact. Jak moc to stojí should be decent, but also rude sentence.

 "How much does it cost" we translate as:

Kolik to stojí? - How much does it cost?
Kolik stojí auto? - How much does the car cost?

And yes, I can't forget - at the end of this video I said "Tak Akorát", that means "just right", but I do not know word-for-word. If you speak swedish it's very similar with word LAGOM :) Not too less, but also not too much - it's something like middle.

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